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Choosing Replacement Towel Rail By The Pipe Centres

Want to Replace Your Old Radiator With a Towel Rail?

If you are planning to replace your old radiator in your bathroom or cloakroom and you don't want to remove the tiling or floorboards, you have come to the right place! 

We have stock of towel rails in Chrome and Black or White, from our own Coventry warehouse. Our narrowest starts from 200mm wide towel rails. We also stock Towel Rails that are 250mm wide, 300mm wide, increasing in size range by 50mm all the way up to 1300mm wide. After 1000mm width, the size range increases by 100mm.

If you don't want to dig up your tiles or floor boards to change your pipe layout, you need to choose your replacement towel warmer radiator, measuring from the pipe centres.

What is the pipe centre of the towel rail radiator?

The pipe centre is the measurement of the valve inlets centre. On standard heated ladder towel rails, (we also call these HTR = Heated Towel Rails) valve inlets are at the bottom of each vertical tube. You will also find another 1 or 2 inlets at the top of these vertical tubes for the bleeding and blanking plugs. 

Towel Radiator Pipe Centre Diagram

However on the normal panel radiators, pipe centres are usually wider than the radiator width ( Photo as below )

Radiator Pipe Centre Diagram

You will need to find your existing pipe centre on the old radiator. We recommend you to measure just above the floor or wall, where the pipes come out. Centre of the pipe to centre of the pipe. With these measurements, you need to select the closest possible pipe centre on the towel rail size. Normally pipe centers on ladder type towel rails are 40mm less than the width of the towel rail. For example, our 800mm wide chrome towel rail pipe centre is 760mm.

You may not find exactly the same same pipe centre you need, but a few mm difference will be workable and pipes are flexible and will move slightly into place to fit the towel rail pipe centre.

If you need any assistance with your replacement towel radiator, please feel free to contact us on 02477 220 955 or on our live chat helpline.

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