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Choosing the Right Element For Your Towel Rail Radiator

Towel Rail Warmer Element Guide

We stock many different models of single heat or Thermostatic Elements in our warehouse in Coventry.

This guide will help you to find the right Element. 

What is a Single Heat Element?

Single heat elements have no controller built in. They will be on or off all the time. 
You will not be able to change the temperature or turn the heating up or down unless you use a wall controller. Our Single heat elements can be used with wall timers. There is 1.45mt straight cable flex attached and there is no plug wired to it. Must be wired into fuse spur with a switch so it can be turned on or off.

What is a Thermostatic Heating Element

These elements are built in with temperature controller and will regulate the temperature of the towel rail. Thermostatic elements will sense the internal temperature only, not the room temperature. 

Many models comes with different type temperature controllers. Some models like Terma MOA have built in 2 hours drying mode timer, Terma KTX-3 model has 2 hours drying mode timer as well as the programmable timer.

GT Thermostatic Towel Rad Element;

GT model is Made by Cini in Poland (EU) and it is one of our recommended elements for electric only towel rails or for dual fuel setups.

There is a single controller dial for the temperature. Heating ranges from minimum to 65°C. Minimum is like a frost protection and we recommend our customer to turn it down to Min heat setting rather than turning off from the fuse spur switch.

Controller is separated by led indicator and below the led indicator there is a rotating dial part to adjust the facing direction of the element, which is very helpful.

Gt model comes with a special wrench to tighten the element into the towel rail.

IP rating of this element is IP65

Terma MEG Towel Rad Element;

MEG model is made by Terma in Poland (EU). There are 3 buttons to control this element. On/off button and + & - buttons to adjust the temperature.

Comes in Chrome - White and Black finish and Cable Cover is optional.

5 Led indicator lights will display the setting. When the element is heating from cold you will see that the led indicators blinking and when the set temperature is reached the led lights will become solid.

Terma MOA Towel Rad Element;

MOA model is made by Terma in Poland (EU). There are 4 buttons on this model and they are on/off button, + & - buttons and 2 hours drying mode timer button.

Comes in Chrome - White and Black finish and Cable Cover is optional.

5 Led indicator lights work just like in MEG model element.

How to use 2 hours drying mode timer on Terma MOA Element? 

If the timer button is pressed when the element is in off mode, the element will be turned on for 2 hours. After the end of 2 hours the element will turn itself off. MOA model is popular in Dual Fuel Towel Rail Radiators, just because of the 2 hours handy timer. Press the timer button, adjust the temperature and your towel rail will be heated by the time you finish your shower.

Also you can use this drying mode timer as a booster for the 2 hours. To be able to use it as a booster, you need to turn the element on, set your desired temperature, press the timer button and set your boosting time temperature. Moa element will go back to original heat setting after 2 hours.

Terma KTX-3 Towel Rad Element;

KTX3 model is made by Terma in Poland (EU). There is a digital display and  on/off & Timer & up and down buttons to control this element. Comes as 2 parts, heating element and controller box. You can program this element to turn on and off for four time periods in a day.

For full user manual and programming instructions for this element please click here

Comes with 1.45mt cable attached and no cable cover.

Ip rating for this element is IPx5


Ecoradco ECO-DIGI Thermostatic Element With Timer

Eco-digi manufactured in Turkey by Ecoradco. Easy to use element with digital display for temperature as well as timer mode indicator.

You can not program the timer like KTX-3 but you can select 1 to 5 hours drying timer. To activate the timer, press on button, adjust the temperature and than press timer button. Everytime you press timer button it will increase one hour at a time. If you need to cancel the timer, press timer button until display shows 0 [zero] .

This thermostatic element will sense room temperature.All above thermostatic elements sensing internal temperature of the towel rail but Eco-Digi will sense the room temperature.



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