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How To Calculate Electric Towel Rail or Electric Elements Running Cost

How To Calculate Running Cost Of Electric Towel Radiators


It is good know how much electric your electric towel will be consuming and running cost per hour. 

Below formula will give you the electric consumption of Electric Towel Rail Radiators or Electric Heating Elements For Towel Radiators.

Example:  How much does it cost to operate my electric towel rail or replacement element. An electric heater wattage is usually given on the unit itself, or with the literature that comes with it. A simple example is 1000 watts. To use this heater for 1 hour would cost based on UK Midlands British Gas standard tariff of 12.6p (September 2016) would be:-

1000 watts element = 1kW x1 hour of operation = 1 kWh x 12.6p = £0.126p

Please kindly note that you must use the heating element wattage not the towel rail heat output wattage rating.

If you will need any assistance with this calculation please feel free to contact us on 02477 220 780 or use our online chat helpline.

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