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Chrome Towel Radiators

When you’ve completed taking a shower or simply want to dry your hands, there are few things as comforting as a warm, dry towel. However, given the humidity that is often present in bathrooms, particularly after taking a shower most people will find themselves with a damp towel.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution thanks to the use of chrome towel radiators which not only heat the towel, but remove the excess moisture as well. Towel radiators have been a part of bathrooms for many years, yet today you can find them in more homes across Europe thanks in large part to their overall popularity. In addition, they are relatively straight forward in their design as well.

What are Chrome Towel Radiators?

A towel radiator is designed specifically to heat towels before they are used. Such radiators have been the hallmark of European hotels for many years and now they can be found in homes across the continent. For many, a chrome towel radiator is a necessity for their bathrooms.

This form of towel dryer is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum. Many of the best ones are coated with chrome to maximize the dispersal of the moisture while protecting the radiator from any form of oxidation. A chrome towel radiator can be heated electronically, but the most effective ones used a central heating system that it tied to circulating hot water inside the unit itself.

There are chrome towel radiators in the standard size as well as those for niche sizes such as hand towels. While many of the towel radiators are in the traditional “ladder” design, there are other design models as well such as the popular turn-able versions.

The Advantages of Towel Radiators

There are a number of benefits that having a chrome towel radiator provides, especially for those who enjoy the comforts of having towels at the ready.

Warm, Dry Towel: The main advantage is naturally having a warm, dry towel to wipe the moisture from your hands, face and body. The feel of the towel is much more natural and desirable when it is warm and dry, which helps in creating a comfortable experience whether you have just completed a shower or are in need of wiping your hands.

Storage: A proper towel radiator allows you to store one or more towels and have them at the ready. You can even employ niche size towel radiators for your hand towels as well. This means less closet space is taken up and you will have more than one towel at the ready.

Heating: For small bathrooms, a towel radiator doubles as a heating unit which can eliminate some of the cold spots which can make stepping out the shower uncomfortable.

Low, Affordable Price: Who says having a towel radiator has to be expensive? In fact, many of these systems are fairly easy to install and will fit within your budget. This makes them a valuable investment for those who enjoy having a perfect size towel radiator.  

Overall, chrome towel radiators are a welcome addition to any bathroom where warm, dry towels are desired.