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Towel Rail Radiator Help Centre

Central Heating Towel Rail Radiator FAQ


What Is Heated Towel Rail And Purpose?

Do I Need To Use Inhibitor?

What Cleaning Products I can Use With My Towel Rail?

What Is Pipe Centre?

What Type Of Valves I Need?

Why My Towel Rail Heating Partially?

What Size Towel Rail I Need For My Room?

Why White Towel Rails Give More Heat Compared To Chrome Towel Rails?

What Is Dual Fuel Towel Rail?

What Do You Use To Fill Electric Only Towel Rails?

Can I Request Element On The Specific Side?

Can I Install Electric Element On Top of My Electric Towel Rail?

What is Single Heat Towel Rail Element?

What Is Thermostatic Element?

Can I Use Thermostatic Element With Wall Timers?

Can I Convert My Towel Rail To Dual Fuel Use?

How Can I Select The Wattage Of Element I Need For My Towel Rail?

What Is The Difference Between Terma MEG and MOA Elements?

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